Certivision - certification on purpose

Certivision offers practical support to certifiers and to certified companies and organisations.
We help you solve challenges with regulations and documentation.
By setting up quality systems, so that they contribute to the realisation of your objectives.

Somehow, rules quickly become an end in themselves and the original intention disappears into the background.
You can see that in care, in education and in certification.
There are more and more rules, more and more documents have to be filled in.
But does this always lead to improvement? Nowadays, this question is relevant for many companies and organisations.
We help with the answer.

In some cases, requirements and procedures support a clear and efficient work flow.
In other cases, other instruments can be used, such as attuning, exchange and more individual development.
We help you choose the right tools and methods for your situation.
So it's custom work.

Work areas
Our most important experience lies in the field of certification of organic and biodynamic agriculture, trade and processing. We like to explore boundaries and are open to experiences in other areas.

Certivision is Rienk ter Braake. I work as an independent entrepreneur and do not employ any personnel.
Yet I write about "we" here.
I like to work together with colleagues, who are also independent entrepreneurs. Specialists in inspections, quality systems, change management and personal development.
We have done several projects together, have a mutual understanding and complement each other.
Want to know with whom?
Here you find a page with links.

What does Certivision have to offer?

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