People with whom I like to work together

Brigitte Szezinski
Former manager of Demeter Bayern, now an independent consultant and coach.
Inspired, empathetic, dares to ask the difficult questions and can come to the essential issues extremely well with a group.

Leen Janmaat
Sparring partner in setting up Demeter certification in the Netherlands, now working as a researcher at the Louis Bolk Institute. In addition, trainer, teacher, coach and supervisor of constellation work.
Humor, putting things in perspective, provocative, with content and all that in connection with people. Very strongly anchored in organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Maria van Boxtel
Advisor in the field of development and takeover of organic farms at Land & Co and board member at the Biodynamic Association. Projects, new plans, subsidy applications, enthusiastic and always cheerful.

René Dijkstra
Highly engaged in achieving the best possible quality in the Demeter certification, now an independent consultant.
The optimal process man, who always finds points for improvement.

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René Heusschen
Very well embedded in organic and Demeter processing and active at Stichting Demeter in the Netherlands, at Stichting EKO label and doing assignments for Bionext and for the Louis Bolk Institute. Quality man who gives confidence and exudes tranquility.

Sebastian Fuchs
Former Head of Quality at Demeter Germany and Coordinator Standards Committee and Accreditation Council of Demeter International (BFDI). Now, independent entrepreneur and active with the German Organic Breeding Society (ÖTZ). Sharp, analytical, innovative, creative, energetic and himself.

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